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welcome to the bad bad tattoos booking form ~ thanks for your interest in scheduling a tattoo!
please fill out the following form to the best of your ability. i encourage prospective clients to review my flash - available here.
i charge a $40 non-refundable deposit, which will be used to secure your appointment. this amount will be applied to the final price of the tattoo. 
i will usually reply to all inquiries within 24 hours, so keep an eye on your email inbox!

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I prioritize flash designs - designs I have drawn beforehand with no client intended. A link to my full flash portfolio is available at the top of this page. I accept custom ideas, as well! If you would like something unique please provide a detailed description, as well as links to any reference images you would like to influence the work.
Please indicate (in inches) the dimensions you would like your tattoo to be! Flash designs are currently one size, and I generally don't make adjustments. If you're not sure about the placement, that's OK! Just indicate that in the space below and we can find a spot on the day of the tattoo.
I generally work between the hours of 11 AM - 8 PM at a private studio in north Austin. I will make exceptions if absolutely necessary, if that is the case please describe your situation in the space below and we will find a time to make it work. Please include preferred dates and times below, and if you have a specific date(s) in mind, please let me know! Flash designs will be given priority in booking.