frequently asked questions

Q: what are your prices?

A: i have a minimum of $70, and my rates increase according to size and duration of the tattoo. feel free to reach out with any inquiries about pricing to: badbadtattoo@gmail.com.

Q: how long will my tattoo take to heal?

A: the healing process for a tattoo is about 3 weeks - during which time i do not recommend swimming or exposing your new tattoo to extreme conditions. aftercare procedures will be discussed in detail at the time of your appointment. 

Q: is it customary to tip?

A: tipping is customary for any transaction in which someone is providing you a service. this includes (among others) mechanics, estheticians, and tattoo artists!

Q: i can't make it to my appointment! what do i do?

A: if you can not make it to a scheduled appointment, please let me know through email as soon as possible. i charge a flat fee of $50 for a cancellation, and a $25 fee for rescheduling, which is separate from your deposit.